NaPoWriMo 2017 - Day 11

Fyre #

Fyre Fyre Fyre

Billy Bob the Browbeater
A silly name
for an amateur wrester
A notorious namesake
for a barbarian king

Savage raiders
Followed his lead
The mainland masses
followed his Instagram account

Did Alexander the Great
even rate
his own Instagram?
Ghangas Khan had followers
but did he have followers?

Bill Bob fancied himself a warrior poet
as he dropped his torch
On another FEMA tent

Fyre Fyre Fyre
Blood Blood Blood

Billy Bob liked the lights
The dancing lights
The marvelous lights
As tent caught tent caught tent
No one was in them
the cliques that had stayed here
had been driven before him

An island of jag offs
abandoned and cast off
by hip hop super stars
and runway models
a truly unsuspected

Blood in his hands and beard
Billy Bob was undisputed
despised and determined

His minions looted the tents
bringing booty
MacBook Airs and Iphones
jewelry and gold
suits and alcohol
top shelf booze

Fyre Fyre Fyre
Blood Blood Blood
Drink Drink Drink!

His hoard brought him
all the stale bread
and cheese slices
He made people beg
For food

Fyre Fyre Fyre
Blood Blood Blood
Drink Drink Drink!
Kill Kill Kill!

On the horizon
at first light
Billy Bob awakens
to the sounds of helicopters
thwop thwop thwop
thwop thwop thwop

Ja Rule leading the charge
on a golden armored Unicorn
this wasn’t his fault
you know
his forces broke and scatter
the few who remained
were pushed off their feet
and back
into the sea
as those who abandoned him
went to their twitters to tweet
what a monster
Billy Bob had been


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