NaPoWriMo 2017 - Day 2

Comic Sans #

We leak secrets out of our pores
Dropping little pieces of our past
like extra change we have no place for
It winds up in junk drawers and under the furniture
In backpacks and purses and in corners until laundry day
Near copies of our memories in the heads of our friends and family
and strangers we will never see again
Now in the servers of Google and the NSA and Mark Zuckerberg’s desk
who knows where else

We are being watched, of course
Don’t look now
but Men with television sets for heads
and ties made of dried leaves
their big hands with clammy skin
have fingers prodding obsessively along massive, glowing keyboards
Each key houses a dvorak letter in comic sans font
They use the internet to read our thoughts
because they are unable to come up with a creative thought of their own.
For this reason they fear the future
and look only towards the past
(our past, for in their past they have never made anything)

They build feeds out of all the email you’ve ever sent for work
Compiling lists of all the small talk that has missed the mark
Assessing every political opinion you’ve ever put to words
They know everyone you’ve ever had a crush on
   and rank them by height
They write all this down on index cards
Meticulously, in tiny handwriting (in comic sans)
Then lock the index cards in filing cabinets
Just in case.


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