NaPoWriMo 2017 - Day 23

Über Men #

I learn about the dangers
of the RuPaul Drag Race show
because it confuses people
so says my driver
whose previous passenger
left his
red red shoes
in the back
whose previous passenger
swears are
not his

I have an Uber driver
whose a student
works only on weekends
works only while visiting home
mostly he is learning to be a biologist

Turtle tower is
as I learn
not a very authentic Vietnamese experience
there is a place in Millbrae
whose name I can’t pronounce
which is better
so says my driver
she enjoys living here
she visits her family in Vietnam
one a year

Did you know
that Doctors need to take a training
a training on hand washing
for four hours?
four hours!
so says my driver
hospitals those
big sprawling things
are a lot of work to manage
his department at least
we speak of the slow osmosis
of modernization

Uber is totally bullshit
so says my driver
terrible terrible gig
if only there was somewhere better
she’s only been there a few months

Uber is totally great
so says my driver
her and I speak
of our physical therapy experiences
she had the worst of it
trapped between two cars
but things are better now
she looks forward to going back to the docks
she likes being on her feet
she is grateful that the app
gives her work while she heals

There was this woman
Finding her self in bohemian Russian circles
way back when
of course Russian composers
make the best music
so says my driver
he himself is Russian
anyway this woman
she is the lover of this poet
while being married to
the poet’s best friend
and get this
get this they all live in the same house
we park and I write down her name


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