NaPoWriMo 2017 - Day 27

Trapped in the Bird Zone #

You’re at a party and she’s just so damn pretty
Wearing a deep red feather boa
like some 1920s dancer
that got lost in the wrong time zone

Maybe you could go talk to her
it’s not far just over that at that table
where she holds a drink not for the liquor
rather she needs to occupy her hands
she twists her feather boa in her fingers
like she does with her long curly hair

But you can’t go over to her
because you are trapped in the bird zone

A Parakeet whom you know belongs to the hosts
host who are hosting this house party
hosts whom no one has introduced you to yet
The Parakeet has landed on your shoulder
you can’t go outside now
what if he flies away?
How would you explain this?

“Hello I am Cameron”
says the Parakeet
he looks out the window
“Man it sure is sunny out”
The girl is outside sitting down
with her wide hat and sunglasses

“It is very sunny out”
you agree nodding
how do you have a bird on your shoulder
which is kind of fun
but what words are adequate when
having a conversation with a bird
“The weather is nice”

“Such good weather for flying”
says a cardinal who has landed
on your other shoulder
“I can fly in any Cardinal direction
I wish” she says

“My name is Clarice” she chirps
“Please don’t allude to the alliteration
as auspicious as it is
because everyone at parties always
points that out, would you mind?
Plus it is kind of specist.”

“The drinks here are kind of delicious”
you say and you kind of want another one
but they are also outside
and you can’t go outside
because you are trapped in the Bird Zone

Your arm is extended as a Blue Jay lands
There are a lot of birds but you should be nice
you can no longer sip your drink
encumbered with this herd
which is fair
because your 7 & 7 has long since
been only ice leaving you
to sip empty air out of habit

“Hello I am Jay” says the Blue Jay
“Oh that is great” you say
“Do you like sports?” says Jay
“The Toronto Blue Jays are my favorite team.”
Jay tells you many facts about the
Toronto Blue Jays
You do not like sports
but you are trapped in the Bird Zone

A Pigeon lands next to Jay
The Pigeon is very drunk
“I am very drunk” he says
drunkenly, slurringly
you want so shoo him away
but that would be not polite
and you don’t know many people here
such is life in the Bird Zone

You raise your free arm, getting ready to point
“Listen here” you are going to say,
getting your point across
This sounds so great in your head
but before you can speak
you feel dead weight on your raised arm
you appraise this situation

A Tucan has landed
“I am Giles Anderson
I work at Morgan Stanly”
All the birds vigorously nod
especially the Pigeon
bobbing his head
Even Giles is impressed
as he tells you about his job
he drones and he drones
you into the Bird Zone

A Condor lands on your head
“Excuse me” he says politely
“Might you tell me
where the restroom is?”
Nervously you tell him
the Condor zooms off
but you are still in the Bird Zone

A Hummingbird hovers close to your face
“Hello I am Sharron” the hummingbird buzzes
“As you can tell I’m not a Penguin
As you can see I am very random”
Actually maybe that’s what she said
as the Parakeet cleans his feathers
(what was his name?)
she speaks so fast like a torrent of caffeine
Sharron keeps talking words after words
and you can’t follow her train
of thought as it mumbles into itself
Forever you’re in the Bird Zone


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