NaPoWriMo 2017 - Day 7

Some dark damp keep castle crypt
Place under the clouds in your dreams
Floating under the sky
You can look up which is the Earth’s down
at alien crags and black stone
Rolling hills and blue trees

Wander halls and halls
open skyward/groundward courtyards
Lying spiral Escher stairways
Rooms built of story memories you’ve forgotten
Tiny lost bits of self

Cold damp dungeons
Filled with birthday cake and dreams
Libraries with books for every lie you’ve ever told
Candles that light your way
That snuff out if you look at the flame

Neutral spirits out of the corner of your eye
memories or dream walking things?
Alien intelligences or mind invented personalities?

Center of the keep
Some alter
A great stone slab
Cardboard boxes along the walls
The feeling of a terrible mistake
(don’t talk about it)

Eastward of the castle
Recognizable hanger
Boats in dock float on the clouds
inviting you to try
to outrun the rain


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