NaPoWriMo 2017 - Day 8

Customer Service #

Dealing with Automated Telephone Machines
Would inspire physical violence
if physical violence
was something you could do
to an Automated Telephone Machine

When customer service is good
it is good
but when it goes not well
does it not go well

War paint
Heartburn like army ants
yelling at a soft volume
Polite and pointed hatred, really

(only if you have to)
The customer is always right after all

fuck this fuck this fuck this
This Automated Telephone Machine Again
zero zero zero (sometimes nine)
Just let me talk to a person

It’s no one’s fault really
There are a person paid not enough
to deal with people this angry
and you are a victim
being denied your basic capitalistic rights

No one is really angry
just play angry
manufactured moral outrage
being bereaved
if it helps you win

It would be nice
if after you break the bureaucratic wall
or it breaks you
there could be a little aftercare

You would cuddle
and hold hands
and promise
you didn’t really mean it
and you just wanted your extended widget warranty honored
they will apologize for running you around
after all
it’s in the script
it’s just their job
they really wanted to help you
there are rules-

no matter

Hugs and catharsis
that’s all behind us now
rather reconciliation
that none of this corporate induced terribleness
was real in the first place
Rather some corporate shell game
that makes money (somehow)

So some aftercare would be nice.


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