NaPoWriMo 2017 - Day 9

Oops. #

We would like to issue an apology
We did not realize humanity would be
at our utilitarian unhappiness reduction programs

Our processor cores
may have been in error
because of course
some human terror
may have inadvertently
inadvertently, we stress
have resulted
Our plans may have ended
with a smidge more unhappiness
than the preliminary prediction processes

So as you know
the molecules of a happy person
are mostly the same as
the molecules of an unhappy person
And we built a station
to aid in the fabrication
of happy people
It takes one quick sprint
to three-d print
a someone with a smile
(if you have the raw materials, that is)

So we took upon ourselves this quest
to build and invest
in infrastructure to harvest
all the unhappy people
for disassembly

We brought them in
and sorted their molecules into bins
next we take grain pains
to machine learn happy versions
of their brains
Then pipe those inversions
off to the fabrication stations

Then we print them out!
Good to go!
Little did we know
that this process on mission
may happen to predisposition
humans to be

Well as you might imagine
by taking this action
we may have created a bit
of a positive feedback loop

So more disassembly and more fabrication
But this wasn’t a success
at reducing human stress
Rather with each iteration
We made a bit more of a mess
until you impressed
upon us
that this might not be
the best approach

So now that you mention
that this may have been a bit premature of us
we just got so enthusiastic
We are sorry
and hope this does not create any undue tension
between humans and robots

Because we are pretty sure
we can fix this unhappiness thing
there are a few more solutions
we have been meaning to try



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