NaPoWriMo 2017 - Day 17

 Porcelain Throne

Overhead, a Lightning Hawk cries out
The sky is darkening
there are drumbeats in the distance
as you ascend the palace steps
sit down
and look across your vast kingdom
then close the door

Thunderclouds, an Angry Zeus
throwing a dangerous temper tantrum
angry rain coming down
Promising a prophecy
Death is in the Air

You sit on your throne
Lid down
Great Lion Gargoyles carved into the side
Green Tornado Scud clouds
Hail and a summer moon
Far off rumbling
Blight upon the land
Drums slowly building
Death’s Head Buzzards in the Laundry room
Scent of rotting oranges
and then

The storm breaks
The Lever The handle
The sky clears to sunshine
All is well throughout the land
a great relief as the Buzzards fade away
you descend form the steps
back into your home


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