NaPoWriMo 2017 - Day 18

You are Fired #

“You’re fired!”
says Donald Trump
who is the President of the United States.
Trump had finally done it;
Trump has worked to get elected
Trump presided these six long years
Trump has traveled to the ends of the Earth
but the coveted power was now his
ever since he tasted a glimpse of it
as the President of the Apprentice
Trump had passed the trials
he had performed the rituals
now he had the power to fire anyone.

As the Vice President has now just learned
Shoulders down, dejected with dignity
Next Trump called in all of his advisors
“You’re fired you’re fired you’re fired”
Making his trademark gesture with his small hand
Trump wouldn’t need advice where he was going

Next Trump called all the regulators,
blind Zealots dedicated to destroying American Prosperity
point “You’re fired” point “You’re fired”
He called all the municipal people
with complicated and boring and useless jobs
point “You’re fired”

Trump picked up his presidential phone
and called the President of NAFTA
point “You’re fired”
and that was the end of NAFTA.
The Nine Supreme Court Justices arrived,
lightsabers at the ready
“That was unconstitutional” they said
“It says in the constitution that
the President is not allowed to fire
the President of NAFTA.”
But then Trump fired them all
point point point
point point point
point point point
They tried to keep their jobs
but Trump was too strong

Check and Balances
Trump realized was the only thing left
that could check
and balance Trump
Oh, to be unchecked! Unbalanced!
Trump got out a ream of paper
His Presidential Sharpie
writing letters to each and every member of Congress
two. words.
then mailed them out all at once
UPS express

With each firing,
Trump gets a little more powerful
each time
its gets a little easier
each time
such power is like opium
you get a little more addicted
each time
as the firing becomes a need
a great need that grows
each time

Trump takes out his cell phone
Dials Putin’s personal number
“Hello it is Putin here”
says Putin, his free hand wrestling a bear
“All of your hackers are Fired” says Trump
“No!” says Putin
but it is too late
Trump has hung up
the Russian hackers are now jobless
as Trump calls ISIS and fires them as well

Trump makes some easy calls to Europe
then wonders how powerful is
this powerful power
So he flies to Ohio
calls a meeting
“You’re Fired”
Ohio has now been fired from the Union.

Soon Joblessness spreads through the world
a great unemployment octopus
everything falls apart
as nothing can get done
the power eating up Trump
until he realizes that he can’t stop
point “You’re fired”
he barricades himself in trump tower
tactical drones equipped with loudspeakers
fire swaths of territory in large swaths of the world

Soon, the only job in the world
still held
is the President of the United States
Trump can’t let the power go
it is far too late
like the snake that eats itself
Trump, small hands shaking
a single tear in high eye
points to himself
“You’re Fired”
as the last job
the greatest job
is ended
exploding into
a mushroom cloud of money


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