NaPoWriMo 2017 - Day 16

Wasabi #

The Wasabi in your chopsticks
Look at it
So friendly, so soft
like a fluffy cloud
of love
you must trust it

The Wasabi is green
like money
like Easter grass
like green tea ice cream
so inviting
you must trust it

Pile the Wasabi on your sushi
it will make everything delicious
everything will be all right
you must trust it

Ha ha! You Fool!
Only a complete nincompoop
would trust the Wasabi!
It is not ice cream it is fire
It explodes in your mouth
like a flavored grenade

The Wasabi
is like snorting a line of
horse radish
Not only like a pepper
spreading over your tongue
as a pool of clumpy lava
but a rising action, coating
the roof of your mouth
in culinary napalm

The condiment of heroes!
The bane of
the weak and the wicked
Only a man of character
could possibly survive
as it crawls up your entire head
like an angry arsonist frog

Up up the Wasabi goes
into your nose
like having the roof of your mouth
punched by a Japanese Teddy Roosevelt
It’s all in your upper head
you can feel it in
your sinuses and pours
like your face has just
been sneezed on
by an angry dragon with heartburn

Don’t worry you are okay
the Wasabi will fade
Ha ha! No it will not
The Wasabi is forever
So much of it
So strong
Your mind and body
know nothing else
until all your weakness
is burnt out
by a twenty dollar all you can eat buffet
until you are as resilient
as the Sushi is delicious


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