NaPoWriMo 2017 - Day 12

L'appel du vide #

Martian’s life got a lot easier
now that a dragon lived on his back
The dragon, Mangeur de Mémoire
was French, and draped himself over
Martian’s back
cape like
his tail reaching down and around
Martian’s ankle
He was also invisible to everyone else

Martian used to think
the world was deeply dreary
disastrously dismal, even
his mind had bad wiring
and he thought terrible things

Thoughts Martin wouldn’t want
to be thoughts he think
would drive themselves through his brain
like nails
coated like
in misery
But now, ever since he met
Mangeur de Mémoire
who liked Cigarettes and bad literature
the dragon would reach out with his long snout
and with care
snapped the thoughts out of the air
before they could reach his brain
and gulping them down
his scaly yellow gullet

Since they became friends
Martian was happier
and Mangeur de Mémoire
got fuller
hill belly going from beige
to blue
his scales going from dull gray
to Dragon Red

Mangeur de Mémoire
would sometimes tell
Martian what to say
if Martian ever stumbled socially
Biting things out of the air
along the way
tasting them with
his serpentine tongue
His coworkers and boss
and bros at the bar
could never see
Manguer de Mémoire

Mangeur never left Martian
gladly doing everything together
and they had known each other
for some time
when one day

They were out on the street
and Martian saw her
A dark haired girl
short and slender
red and black interchanging
a cobalt and black dragon
nuzzling her cheek
Martian never approached girls on the street
but how could he not say something?
He felt jaws
close on something by his ear
and he walked into the corner place
to get his morning coffee


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