NaPoWriMo 2017 - Day 21

Bill Nye #

Bill Nye is a human
BIll Nye is also a Mechanical Engineer
who invented the famed
hydraulic resonance suppressor tube

BIll Nye is a Science Guy
Before Bill Nye
there was no such thing
as a science guy
that did not deter Bill Nye
he set his eye on the man
he wanted to become
you know the rest
he taught a generation
his episodes a treat for
every middle school science teacher
who needed a day where a television
can supervise a class

Bill Nye is a Myth
he is the sum of all the words
all the stories said of him
Bill Nye is more than man
a modern day Hercules
some intellectual Paul Bunyan
a veritable American God
Bill Nye is a young boy’s wish
when at six
he says he wants to be a scientist
when he grows up
so he can be like Nye
Bill Nye is a hero of nerd mythology,
there to fire lasers from his eyes
or help a keyboard warrior
defeat his Christian Creationist Combatants
on message boards
Bill Nye the Myth
is the dreams
of geeky folk
who want their folk hero
Bill Nye the Myth
is made of the memes
of internet nerdom
who have assigned him things
that he never was

Bill Nye is also a shadow
He will never save the world

Bill Nye the tragedy
is that
Bill Nye has forgotten
that he is a mechanical engineer
that he is not a scientist
but rather, a science guy
and what is
a science guy
certainly not a myth
we wanted the science guy
not a campfire story
not a fountain of memes
begging us to make gifs
of tardigrades
songs that have the same
emotional impact
as a teenager
about to be rejected
by his potential prom date
in front of the whole school

Bill Nye is a shadow
of a reflection
of a poorly recalled dream
from a poor description
of a Bill Nye that never happened


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