NaPoWriMo 2017 - Day 26

Tahoe #

Hey ho hey ho
We are driving northwards
To Tahoe we go
So we can hurl ourselves downwards
off of a mountain
because this is a good idea

Hey Ho Hey Ho
We are driving northwards
To Tahoe we go
hurling ourselves upwards
up up up a mountain
in a metal box
this is also
a good idea

I have never skied
which is the only reason
it terrifies me
not emotionally terrifying
but intellectually so
as to go down a mountain
seems not insurmountable
unless you think about it

There is no chance
that to ski
is scarcely as scary
as it seems
but I feel as soon as
I put on swords for shoes
Immediately I shall careen
into a tree

I imagine that mountains you ski down
consist primarily
of trees
Hey ho hey ho
to Tahoe we go

What if you trip
take a blow to the snow
zipping down a cliff
Coyote & Roadrunner style
kapow triple somersault
into a pile of your
own demise
just for your leg
being slightly to the right

As far as I can see
cars are just
as inanely insane
As skiing into a tree
Have you ever drove
anywhere really
you have so many things to do
just to stay on the road

Skiing can’t possibly
be as impossible
as it seems to me
having never skied
people do it all the time
they don’t die
flying down snow pyramids
but you just seem so fragile

Not that driving doesn’t require
agility but I’m used to it
even though it is insane
that humans can get in steel boxes
driving so many miles an hour
and not crash into anything
day after day

But Skiing that is nuts
how can one manage
not to mess up at all
doing 360 flips
and dodging other skiers
and stopping using
your magic sticks
no way this is possible
but hey it will be fun!

Northwards we drive
we will probably survive
the meaning
of careening
down a mountain
Hey ho hey ho
We are driving northwards
To Tahoe we go


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