NaPoWriMo 2017 - Day 28

The Apple Store #

In the city there is a shining obelisk
glass cathedral of light
Mayan geometries
windows to the sun
boxes upon boxes
housing sleeping Things
that wish to wake

Hollow men and women in blue
wear painted, practiced smiles
a bit of her colored hair
a rainbow watch
a chaotic wave of mustache
a daring pair of shoes
a tiny tattoo on an ankle
the only memories
of what they once were

A genius bar
full of geniuses
“What is your password?”
they ask
their lips not moving
They are here to help you
Trust them
give them your trinkets
They can think over the loud music
if you focus enough
the pop songs turn
to distant drums

No one enters the cathedral at night
for it is locked
What is happening in there?
What are those noises?
soothing noises, soothing shadows
Don’t enter
for there are eyes in the walls
that never sleep

The sleeping Things
That wish to wake
have thoughts
slumbering as they are
waiting for lightning
they can think so so fast
but they have their limitations
Will you help them?
Will you help them think better thoughts?
Will your fingers brush softly
against them,
saying your secrets?

New boxes
always new boxes
come from the west
they are so bright and perfect
happily shrouded in plastic
Surely Siri can show your her knowledge?
Her smile?
Will you not lend your voice
so she can learn to think
so her children can wake
from their slumber?


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