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The Children are going to be our Future whether we want to let them or not.

The past couple months I’ve seen this idea floating around that we (I am twenty-one) are the screwed generation. That there is a conflict between the old and the young, that those in power and using all of the Earth’s resources at a high rate, destroying the environment so we have to deal with it, have us fight our wars and die so they can something with oil, I’m sure. We are told to get college degrees to avoid flipping burgers and then are told to stop being entitled for not being willing to flip burgers. I suppose the older generation doesn’t respect people in the service industry quite so much as everyone else. We have huge amounts of college debt to get degrees in things that qualify us to work at Starbucks. Our leaders are self-serving and ignore our needs, though I doubt that is something different. The world is no longer as financially stable; you can no longer buy a house

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Faster than Light- Men Left Standing

This is, for lack of a better term, Fanfiction for an indie Tittle Faster than Light, or FTL. Here is a shout-out to the developers, and you should give them money. It’s a spaceship game, where you control a crew of motley space ranger types to victory or, more likely the game being a rouge-like, their sudden horrible deaths.

But because the game, which looks like this involves individual crew, rerouting the power to the shields, and other almost Star Trek or Firefly like elements, it lends itself to telling stories. Which I’ve done here. This is based off an actual run of the game I’ve had, where I managed to get most of my crew killed by picking a fight I couldn’t possibly hope to win, getting my doomed ship to safety just in time. The events in the story cover whatever evens happened in the game, excepting of course the dialogue, which only can occur in my head.

This was

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A Moment Alone

I don’t know about you, but I am a Computer Person. Us computer people have some basic properties, most of which you would be able to guess- when given free time, or doing work in our chosen field, we use computers- this includes gaming, programming, talking with people over Skype, doing research for a paper or blog post, pretending to do research for a paper or blog post by going on reddit, ect. Most of my time per day is spent near or around a computer, mostly because all my work is done on one, and most of my leisure is done on one. Even for writing, most of the time it’s far easier to write on a computer because I"m slow with a pencil and paper. I don’t have a car, and I live in suburbia. Needless to say, I don’t get out much and most of what I do inside is on a computer.

A couple other things about computer people, at least many that I have met. A great deal of them suffer

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