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Time Management

I’m one of those people who is otherwise capable but suffers with crippling problems with procrastination, time management, and motivation. I’ll tell that story another time (the irony!) , I just want to focus on sharing something that I found that has been helping me recently; perhaps it could help someone, so I’m posting it here.

It’s really simple, all I do is write down everything I do, timestamped. This isn’t something that is in incredible detail, just when I reach certain benchmarks, or get off track, or what have you, I write it down and how long each task or distracted lasted. For example, this was my morning :

11:00 - woke up, showered, ate, walked to coffee shop, got coffee
11:45 - played ztype
11:50 - Checked email wrote goal list for today, answered a Quora question
12:05 - 750 words
12:19 -Took Discrete Mathematics section 2.5 notes

Somewhere down the line is writing

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NBC’s “Believe” Review

This is the trailer for NBC’s new-ish show, Believe. Recently, I was hanging out with friends of mine, in particular an Individual named Seth. Seth was watching the ninth episode of the show, and I caught the last half of it, and this turned into a lazy day of sitting around and binge watching the entire show. At the time, nine episodes were out, of thirteen, of the first season. As of this writing, the show has not been renewed.

The premise was a pretty standard scifi shtick; there is a little ten year old girl named Bo, who has psychic powers. A government agency researching her powers wants to reacquire her after she escapes. and a group of rogue agents are helping her. They break her father out of prison to be her guardian and protect her, and neither Bo nor her father or aware or informed of this relationship. While on the run from the government agency and their FBI ally

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Pencil Lead

I like writing in pencil; both because I erase frequently, and I think pencil graphite looks better on paper then pen. Pen tends to bleed over to the next page more when I press down on the paper too hard. Given that, I strongly dislike dealing with sharpening pencils, it creates a lot of debris and never winds up like looking nice. The tip always breaks, they are always lopsided. Instead, I use mechanical pencils; I like the way they fall into my grip more. I also have a very strong preference for the type of lead my pencils use.

It is, by the way 0.5 mm. There are a lot of benefits, I feel, for the 0.5 mm over the 0.7 mm, and honestly I’m slightly baffled as to why 0.5 isn’t standard. 0.5 is thinner, and is crisper on the page than 0.7 mm, it looks better. And with my handwriting, which can be awful, the lead change actually makes a huge difference with legibility. I also

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Amway, Part Two

Last time I wrote about Amway, I was relatively nice towards them, and gave them the benefit of the doubt. This was mostly because I was friends with the people that tried to recruit me otherwise; to be polite to their faces and directly turn around and write a piece in a public blog shitting all over them would be, in my view, in poor taste.

Because of that concern, and that honestly other things came up and got in the way, I never really did follow up with the Amway people.

Well, I met more Amway people in Chicago, and I am quite comfortable now saying Amway is possibly a cult, and defiantly a pyramid scheme. I already knew this, but now I have a good excuse not to be so polite about it.

Let me open with a story. What happened was, I was at a train stop in Chicago, by the U of I C, and it so happens I chat up a couple of guys while waiting for a train. This is the kind of place

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The Friend Zone

This comic has been going around as of late; I’ve seen it on Facebook, reddit, and the like. A friend linked it to me and we talked about. I like it; it’s a good piece of art, it’s creative, funny, and amused me. It also made me feel the slightest bit uncomfortable. When I first read it, something seemed off about it, and it’s been on my thoughts.

Now, it’s a bit much to ‘disagree’ with this. This comic seems autobiographical- I have no doubt this happened to the Artist, in some form or another. When our REALLY NICE GUY says “What about the time you got wasted at a party! Any other guy would have taken advantage, but I drove you home safely instead!” it’s something that may not be the most common/representative examples of this “nice guy” behavior, it’s certainly something i believe has happened more that once, and at least of of those times was with the Artist. That said

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The willingness to be bad at things

So yesterday I had writers block.

This week, I had made a promise to myself, to a get a number of things done, several of them concerning writing. The two of these I was trying to fulfill yesterday was finishing a short story I had been working on, and writing a post for this blog. But, alas, writers block.

Now, I realize that I’ve been slacking off these last few weeks, and if you look at my post history, I haven’t exactly been up on this blog recently. I’m not in the swing of things, and I don’t have the momentum going so perhaps that’s the reason I’m having difficulty. But there is also the fact that several times throughout the day yesterday I would open up my computer screen or notebook, stare at the page for a couple of minutes, and be unable to put a single word on the page. I wrote a sentence, maybe, of fiction, and a blog post outline that I managed to delete

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Amway, Part One

About a week and a half ago I was having lunch with a couple of friends of mine at a local Vietnamese place. I hadn’t spoken to them in a while, so we were catching up, and one of the things that came up was this company they had been working with. And to get this out of the way, we are talking about Amway, and yes, it is that Amway. And they way the described it sounded interesting, so I asked them about it. Neither of them could really explain it very well, other than talk about some of the products they sold. But it just so happened that I had suggest lunch on Thursday, and by coincidence Thursday is Amway’s recruitment/training meetings, so it was suggested to me that I come and check it out. I didn’t have plans that night, so I decided what the hell, I’ll see what it’s all about.

Now I’m going to preface this and say that I went to this meeting, but I hadn’t heard of Amway

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Dining Dollars

A friend of mine recently sent me this link, concerning a recent policy chance at the school. As a former student of Bradley University, I am always intrigued to hear when the student body gets up in arms about something. In this case, the structure of the on campus meal plans had changed, angering a large number of students.

Of course, it’s not made clear what the issue is in the petition, and for those interested, here is an overview of the mealplan for this year from the school’s site. Since it took me a while and a bit of conversation to figure out what exactly is going on here, let me break it down. In the old system, you would just buy one of two meal plans, one costing more than the other. Some portion of the money for each plan goes to “overhead,” while the rest is a pool of money students can buy meals with at campus dining locations, each meal costing $4-7 dollars or so

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Destroyer of Dreams

I have a job.

It’s not a full time job, and not really even an actually part time job, rather something I do on occasion because it only takes have the day and I get paid decently for it. And it’s interesting.

What I do is destroy the American Dream. I do work in evictions. Technically, the job I have entails taking everything left behind by the tenant after the police do the actual eviction and throwing it out. I took the job because it sounded interesting, and I felt I could learn something. And it is sort of interesting, but far from glamorous; on Trevor’s first day of work, a dead cat fell out of a mattress. On my first day, nothing so interesting happened.

The process we go through is simple; at some point, someone decides that a homeowner no longer actually owns their house. The homeowner is then given various notices to this effect, until someone hands them a finial date

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Getting Swoll

I work out.

A few weeks ago, I did not work out. At various other times in my life, I also did not work out, or I did work out, or I worked out the very minimum such that I could say I work out without feeling like a liar. What triggered this last bout was a friend of mine who works out every day was in town, and every day two weeks ago we would work out, running or doing body exercises- neither of us can afford or want a gym membership, and being able to work out without one is a valuable life skill as far as we can see.

This last week I managed to run or do pushups/situps/pullups every day without fail, except for Friday, but I ran today and am going to do tomorrow so I kind of feel I’ve successfully kick-started this habit- I in fact on Friday felt terrible for not working out, and I would rather go running than let that happen again. So hopefully only a couple small bumps around

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